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For Sale

Blackmoon Castle
Lake Superior, Trammel, Ice Island
Sextant Coords:
121x43 North 
170x39 West
UO Auto Map [UOAM] Coords:


Here it is.........
There is NO item, NO house, NO skill, NO tame, NOTHING more prestigious to own in the game of Ultima Online than the Castle.
These mammoth homes can be used for tons things but I will only list some of the more popular:
1. The Ultimate Guild House - No other home offers the space, security and honor a guild can accqurie than haveing a Castle for their Guild House.
2. True Vendor Mall - With the vendor changes that came with AoS ONLY the castle can accomidate that needed space to run a true vendor mall. Even with the vendor changes, the castle can hold close to 30 Full vendors.
3. King/Emperor/GOD - The perfect house for he or she that has a big ego (like me). Very few on the shard and there will never be more land for castle placement unless you spend tons of cash and time buying up homes and then taking the risk of taking down several homes to place a castle. Be a true Lord/Lady when you own a castle.
4. The Uber Bank - Not much to say other than you should NEVER run out of space to store items with the castle.
Regardless of your reason for wanting a castle, there is no better house you can own that offers as many options, choices and features as the castle.
This castle has only had two owners, I bought it back in 2001 for UO Gold making me the second owner, you will only be the third. Most castle have had many owners but very few have stayed to one person for so long.

This castle will be sold EMPTY with the exception of a vendor or two left behind and the following:
The large stone table in the center 2cd floor (Please note that with the AoS changes to re-deeding items you will NOT be able to remake this table if you demolish it.)
The stone tables in the center 1st floor (like the larger one upstairs you will not be able to make it look like that again if you demolish it.)
The castle MAY come with a few secures that MAY have some trinkets in them.

Pictures (Click them to enlarge)




Also taking offers on a Customized 13x17 Paladin Keep located in Malas.
Accepting UO Gold only for this house, contact me if you are interested.



If you have any questions, would like to see either house or want to make a purchase you can contact me via the means bellow:

ICQ# 109117810

Purchase Information

Like what you see?
Just fill out the bellow form to make a $cash$ offer.
No SERIOUS offer will go unaswered.
Your Email address MUST be correct for a responce.
Besure to fill out the etire form, I will ignore those no fully filled out.
Type your offer price like this:
$1,000.00 = 1000
$100.00 = 100
I will respond to all serious offers within atleast three days of recipt.

What is your name?

Your Offer? $$

E-mail address?

For a LIMITED time buy with UO Gold (Click Here)

Here are my terms of sale and what is expected of the buyer.
I will ONLY ACCEPT the following types of payment for the castle:
1. United States Postal Service Money Order.
2. Western Union.
3. Cashiers Check from a National or International Bank.
USPS Money Orders and Cashiers Checks must be sent via Certified Mail.
You are responsible for all additonal charges and/or Fees that may be charged to you to pay for the item (IE Western Union Fee).
The castle will be transfered to the buyer within 3 bussisness days if paid via Western Union.
If you choose to pay via Cashiers Check or USPS Money Order you will have to wait until I have recieved and cashed it which could be over a week depending on what day you send it and if you add priority mail.
I will not accept any form of payment other that what I have listed!!
Payment details (who to send it to, etc.) will be givin to the sole buyer.
I will attempt to contact the buyer after I have recieved the payment and set up a date and time we can meet in UO to transfer the castle.
Please note that the buyer will have to give me a specific password to ask him when I am ready to transfer the castle. this is a security precaution. This password must be givin to me over the phone, I will explain more at the proper time.
Understand that PayPal nor any other form of electronic payment will be accepted due to the high ammount of scammers that use these types of payment to rip people off.

Please note that if you wish to purchase either item I will expect payment within 5-7 bussisness days...
If I have not yet recieved payment, you fail to respond to any contact I attempt with you (email, ICQ, Phone), during or after that 5-7 bussisness days time table I will seek another buyer.
I will need to contact any prospective buyer by phone before I sell, this is a safety caution and it makes the transaction go smoother than normal electronic means of communication.

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