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The Castle Mortanius Mall

The Castle Mortanius Mall is For Sale (Click Me)

Blackmoon Castle
Lake Superior, Trammel, Ice Island
Sextant Coords:
121x43 North 
170x39 West
UO Auto Map [UOAM] Coords:

The Castle Mortanius Mall is For Sale (Click Me)


As a final bang I have decided that from now until 3 days before the castle is to be transfered to a new owner I am allowing any person to place a vendor at the mall for a one time fee of 25K Gold per Vendor. There will be no rent and no placment or sale restrictions other than no illegal items.
I will attempt to notify all vendor owners via ICQ 3 days before the castle is transfered, hopefully the new ower will keep it as a mall but he or she may not.
Keep in mind that space is limited and I am no longer manageing how much vendors are useing, I can only say that there will be no more than 50 pysically locked down items so you place at your own risk.
If you are interested in placeing please let me know.

The Castle Mortanius Mall is For Sale (Click Me)

Castle Mortanius Mall Gustbook

Castle Mortanius Mall Forums
The Castle Mortanius Mall Forums

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