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For Sale
The Account

At the time of this post the account is 52 Months old.
You will be able to use any vet reward except 5th year.
There are no vet rewards on the account.
You will get to choose a 5th year reward when the account turns 60 months old.
The account has a Customized 13x17 Paladin Keep located in Malas..
There are very few items on this account other than the house and tames, any other items will be listed in the character description.
This account is good for a current UO player or a newer player that dosent want to hunt for a house or work for a high level mage and a powerful bard/tamer.

This is the account I mainly used as my secondary.
The characters have been changed and deleted many times but there are two that stand out.
This account is pretty much trammie, it had a mage, bard/tamer, mule and some RPing characters but because of personal reasons I have deleted the mule.
The account comes with an active UO Assist and has the most recent expansion (Age of Shadows).
At this time the account has the following characters:
(Names not included to protect the buyer)
Character Slot One - 6x Tank Mage
She can be used for PvP or PvM.
She is a fun character to play.
She has an unused Personal Bless Deed.
Her current skills are:
GM Anatomy
GM Eval
GM Magery
GM Meditation
GM Swords
GM Tactics
23.2 Focus
Current Stats:
80 STR
80 DEX
65 INT
Skill Cap: 720
Stat Cap: 230
Character Slot Three - Tamer/Bard
Here we have the ultimate gold farming character. He is set up to use his tame for any situation. This character has NO PvP skills. This character can net you TONS of gold and magic items in a very small ammount of time.
The pure power of discord and provoke will allow him to own any spawn with his tame.
He rides an bonded old legacy mare and has a  bonded Dragon and White Wyrm in the stables. The Dragon is a 4xGM. He also has a pack horse in the stables.
He is wearing a combinded total of 539 in luck items so you can start farming good magic items right off the bat.
His current skills are:
110 Music (110 cap)
102.9 Provoke (110 cap)
95.5 Taming
92.3 Animal Lore
93 Magery
80 Vet
67.3 Discord (120 cap)
Current Stats:
91 STR
50 DEX
84 INT
Skill Cap: 720
Stat Cap: 225
Character Slot Five - Archer/Mage
This character is far from finished and was made out of boredom and RPing. With some time you can turn him into a powerful archer/mage or you can do whatever you want with him.
He has an unused personal bless deed.
His currentt skills are:
83.9 Archery
82.8 Anatomy
82.3 Tactics
60.7 Magery
54.5 Meditation
42.3 Eval
27.9 Focus
Current Stats:
35 STR
56 DEX
43 INT
Skill Cap: 720
Stat Cap: 225
Character Slot 2 is Empty.
Character Slot 4 has a character but is not worth mentioning. He dose have a unused personal bless deed though.


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