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The Castle Mortanius Mall
Mall Updates


Mall Updates
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5/29/2003 - Castle Mall Final Bang
As a final bang I have decided that from now until 3 days before the castle is to be transfered to a new owner I am allowing any person to place a vendor at the mall for a one time fee of 25K Gold per Vendor. There will be no rent and no placment or sale restrictions other than no illegal items.
I will attempt to notify all vendor owners via ICQ 3 days before the castle is transfered, hopefully the new ower will keep it as a mall but he or she may not.
Keep in mind that space is limited and I am no longer manageing how much vendors are useing, I can only say that there will be no more than 50 pysically locked down items so you place at your own risk.
If you are interested in placeing please let me know.
5/25/2003 - Castle Mall For Sale.
Not much to say except some lucky person now has the chance to own one of the most rare items in game...
See main page for details and check this site for updates.....
3/11/2003 - Rent Change and Site Addition.
After careful consideration I have decided to reduce all rent to 5k per week per vendor but increase the one time vendor set up fee to 25k. I feel this is fair to the vendor owners and myself due to the fact vendors now consume my personal storage.
I have updated this site with my personal griefer/scammer index. People that wish to avovide known scammers and griefers should see this list. Only you can protect your self from trammel grief and trade scamms.
3/08/2003 -  Major Update.
I have removed the mall from the LSTCN forums and have returned it to the Castle Mortanius Mall. I do not wish to have any part of the Lake Superior community other than trading. I will mantain a personal greifer/scammer index but as far as the community in general I dont care what happens to you. The new mall site can be found at:
I will be granting friend status to all grandfathered vendors owners and will be as Assit. Managers but may or may not choose to volunter thier time to help customers.
I will be running a new add that will mention some of the grandfathered vendors that meet certain requirements, I will contact these owners and ask them if they would like to be listed in the add.
The mall has been around for a decent while now and I want to offer a special tribute to the following Grandfathered vendor owners for thier help and support in the mall, if your name is on this list and would like to be removed please contact me.
Free Vendors/Friends - These are the people that placed vendors before the mall opened to the public and helped alot at the start by advertiseing and provideing free gates and runes to the mall.
Pasted from my archived records:
Mortanius Azimuth: Active
Mall Owner
ICQ#: 109117810
Vendors: 3
Marguirte - Rares/Uncommon Items
Wyatt - Magic Weapons/Armor
Nelson - Magic Rings/Braclets
Santa Clause: Active
Mall Manager
ICQ#: 109995269
Vendors: 3
Dimitri - Addons and Furniture
Erskine - Addons and Furniture
Markos - GM Leather Armor
Marshmallow: Active
Mall Manager
ICQ# 109995269
Vendors: 3
Flint - Bowcrafting
Madelon - Tribal Paint, Arrows, other rarw materials.
Hoyt - Inscribe Items
Raven Kemmler: Active
Vendor Owner/Friend
ICQ#: 46679570
Vendors: 1
Stephen - Kegs and Potions, some scrolls
Lady Illyania: Active
Vendor Owner/Friend
ICQ# 46679570
Vendors: 1
Garner - Regs and Potions, some scrolls
Lady Montana Blue: Active
Vendor Owner/Friend
ICQ#: 46679570
Vendors: 1
Larissa - Raw Ingots and Tribal Paint
Azleia: Active
Vendor Owner/Friend
ICQ#: 46679570
Vendors: 2
Lavinia - Carp/Tinkered Items
Liana - Leather Armors
Lord Darek: Active
Vendor Owner/Friend
ICQ#: 96802473
Vendors: 2
Ariana - GM Weapons
Mitzi - GM Armor
Ravenspyre: Active
Vendor Owner/Friend
ICQ#: 96802473
Vendors: 2
Pearce - Regs and scrolls
Dennys - Scribe Items
Dark Spell/Rabid Wolf: Active
Vendor Owner/Friend
ICQ#: 168618593
Vendors: 1
Harriet - Powerscrolls
Kassandra Annael: Active
Vendor Owner/Friend
ICQ#: 41607877
Vendors: 1
Morley - Leather Armor
Rent Vendors - These are the people that have been paying rent before AoS and are still active at the time of this update.
Pasted from the grandfathered vendor list:
Toon: Active
Vendor Owner
ICQ#: 2452268
Vendors: 1
Weylin - Powerscrolls
Member Since: 1/20/2003
Lord Hank Reardom: Active
Vendor Owner
ICQ#: 78300884
Vendors: 1
Lydia - Powerscrolls
Member Since: 1/20/2003
Pachebel: Active
Vendor Owner
ICQ#: 170967785
Vendors: 1
Claire - Magic Items/Rares
Member Since 1/20/2003
Lady Shadow: Active
Vendor Owner
YIM: LadyShadow4_u
Vendors: 1
Taffy - Rares and Other Items.
Member Since: 1/27/2003
Lord Sledge: Active
Vendor Owner
ICQ#: 174637816
Vendors: 2
Manfred - Barbed Leather
Gina - Smith Items
Member Since: 1/27/2003
Aluminikus: Active
Vendor Owner
ICQ#: 132742769
Vendors: 1
Harvey - Powerscrolls
Member Since: 1/27/2003
Lord JERICHO: Active
Vendor Owner
Vendors: 1
Geradline - Rares/Magic Equipment
Member Since: 1/27/2003
Erwin Rommel: Active
Vendor Owner
ICQ#: 83930137
Vendors: 1
Elise - PS', Rares and Magic Items
Member Since: 2/03/2003
I thank all of you for providing great vendors to the mall and hope each of you have made alot of profit.
2/15/2003 - Mall Bonus.
Because of the release of AoS alot of people have not beem able to log into the game resulting in much slower traffic for the mall therefore, I have decided to grant a 1 week extention on rent for last week and next week is a free week.
Week 2/10/2003 - 2/17/2003 Has been removed from any late fees due to AoS.
Week 2/17/2003 - 2/24/2003 will have no billing. The next active billing for the mall will be on 2/17/2003. Any fishsteaks you see on the rent vendor afer 2/17/2003 are those you did not get to pay last week because of AoS, no new rent will be added on 2/17/2003.
I hope this gives the vendors owners the time they need to get active again.
2/11/2003 - New Vendors on Hold.
Due to the new AoS rules the Mall will not be accepting any new vendors until sometime next week.
2/11/2003 - Major AoS Change to Vendor Malls.
Due to a last minute notice by OSI the LSTCN Mall will be going through some major changes. These are the following changes that will directly effect all vendor owners at the mall:
1. All current vendors at the mall will have "grandfathered" status.
2. All current vendors owners that have "grandfathered" vendors will still continue to pay 5k per vendor per week.
3. All vendors placed on or after 2/11/2003 will fall under the new AoS rules.
4. All new post AoS vendors will now have a one time set up fee of 25k per vendor.
5. All new post AoS vendors will have a weekly rent fee of 12k per week per vendor.
The following has been taken off the Offical website at:
"Locations, Travel, and Houses
New barkeeps and vendors in player-houses now take up 10 lockdown counts.
Pre-AoS barkeeps and vendors will be grandfathered and not take up lockdown counts.
Customizing houses will not affect the grandfathered status of barkeeps or vendors, provided the house maintains the same footprint and is not redeeded.
New player-vendor inventory items now take up 1 secure-lockdown count each.
Pre-AoS vendors will be grandfathered and their inventory will not take up lockdown counts.
Customizing houses will not affect the grandfathered status of vendors, provided the house maintains the same footprint and is not redeeded."
As you can see all post AoS vendors will now consume my lockdowns and secure storage. I am going to continue to provide this mall for the community but because your post AoS vendors will now take my personal storage and lockdowns I have no choice but to increase the rent for all new vendors.
2/06/2003 - Mall Name Changed.
The Castle Mortanius Mall is now the Offical Lake Superior Trading and Community Network (LSTCN) Mall. This update will not go into effect for a week or so.
2/05/2003 - Mall Forums Moved.
The Castle Mortanius Mall is now a proud member of the Lake Superior Trading and Community Network. The mall is now listed on the LSTCN Forums.
Carp and Tinkered items have been moved to the North Wing, the East Wing is now dedicated to AoS imbueing of magical items.
2/01/2003 - Mall Rules Update.
Vendor Owners will no longer remain friended to the Castle after they place their Vendor(s), this will in no way effect you useing your vendor like normal.
Vendors Owners that have eared the trust of the mall and wish to volunter their time to customers will be known as Assistant Mangers. Asst. Managers are not Offical Mall Managers, they only have the power to remove, ban and help customers.
You can see the full rule change under the Mall Rules Forum.
1/29/2003 - Castle Transfered.
Due to the comming of AoS I had to transfer the mall, it resulted in the friends list being whiped. Also, someone has been changing the name on the house sign and has caused me to re-think the leaving people on the friends list after they place thier vendor. At this time I will only re-friend a select few untill I have made a decision.
1/20/2003 - Grand Opening.
Stage Four Active.
Stage Five Active.
Incentive Ends.
Mall Doors Unlocked.
1/19/2003 - Public Continues to Place Vendors.
Stage Four Continues.
Free Vendor Spots offered to winners of Lord Dennar's Creeper and House Deco Contet.
Last day
of the Incentive Announced.
1/18/2003 - Public Continues to Place Vendors.
Stage Four Continues.
Vendor Owners: Monday is our Grand Opeings, the mall seeks volunters to pass out runes at the city banks all day on Monday.
1/17/2003 - General Public Allowed to Place Vendors.
Stage Four Continues.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Incenive: Start up fee for new vendors waved for those three days.
1/16/2003 - Friends Continue Setting up Vendors.
Stage Three Ends.
Stage Four Starts
Mall Posted on UO Boards.
Mall Potsed on TS.
Mall Sent Via ICQ.
1/15/2003 - Mall Friends Move In.
Stage Two Ends.
Stage Three Starts.
Rent Rules Updated.
1/14/2003 - Mall Announcment Made to Freinds.
Stage Two Starts.
1/13/2003 - Mall Planning Started
Stage One starts.
Stage One Ends.
This is a general update of the mall stages:
Stage One - Mall Rules and Information.
Stage Two - Redecoration and Freeing up Lag.
Stage Three - Friends Moving Vendors In.
Stage Four - General Public Allowed to Place Vendors.
STage Five - Mall Opens to Public.